Saturday, July 26, 2014

so here i am again!!! i have recently gotten home from my mission, the majority of you may know me as my mom would say, "the best missionary on planet earth and whom is extremely handsome" but contrary to popular belief, she only says those things because they happen to be extremely true. . . soo anyways, as of late i have felt an extreme need to make a blog, not just to throw my thoughts down on paper and let all of the world read them and fawn over how crazy and slightly great they are, but for the purpose of letting my thoughts out, and to try to help others who are having hard times or who are just looking for something to do, either way, i figure you are qualified to read my thoughts. what i want to achieve with this blog is that i would love to keep my spiritual thoughts going like i did when i was on my mission. that will be the majority of the posts i do, soo dont be surprised if you happen to start to tear up when reading, or if you just think its boring? i mean, thats ok also, just dont tell me ha. so a little about me, i am 21 years old, just got home from my mission to help the people of Tampico, Mexico and serve that mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. now, i am the type of guy who i hate dishonesty, also self righteous members, i dont hate them but i do hate the judgment they throw out into the world, i wish they would stop that, and i also wish i wouldnt judge people, but i happen to be human soo i guess its something i need to work on right now. i love to play music, it is my favorite, i love to speak spanish, and smile, soo that is just a little about me. anyways i am off track. what i am making this blog for is for the reason that i have seen soo many people these days with doubts, fears, and just making their lives super hard with all this adversity.  hopefully i can help in someways, being human just like all of you, i have passed a pretty hard road and i pray that i will be able to share some insight of why we pass through this and maybe what we could learn. now what i write here is not at all and in any way going to be officially stated as church doctrine because i am not that smart and not that dumb to call myself a know it all, but what it will be is what i like to call those thoughts that are. they will be my opinion and what i believe, or how i view somethings, and maybe i will be able to help you all understand what is the real doctrine just a little more clearly. anyways i am tired and i will write more tomorrow, for right now, remember that god loves you and you are great!!

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